20140108 QingCloud Secured Series B financing from Lightspeed China Partners, Matrix China and BlueRun

  • Jan 7, 2014 · Beijing – A leading IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provider, QingCloud (https://www.qingcloud.com) announced today that it has closed its $20M Series B financing led by Lightspeed China Partners with participation from Matrix Partners China. BlueRun Ventures, the Series A investor, also participated in this round. This is the largest capital injection in China IaaS sector so far.

    Officially launched on July, 2013, QingCloud provides on-demand real-time cloud computing platform with excellent performance to enterprise customers. The platform is built from ground up with industry-leading technology and provides customers with truly elastic compute and storage resources, combined with advanced SDN-based network provision and management. The company has also adopted world’s first-ever second-based billing system, designed to significantly reduce users’ TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). QingCloud has attracted over 5,000 customers in 5 months, establishing itself as a leading player in China’s IaaS sector.

    Co-founded by Richard Huang, Reno Gan and Spencer Lin, QingCloud has become an important China IaaS provider in less than 2 years. QingCloud’s CEO and Co-founder, Richard Huang, is pleased with this round institutional investment, and said, “With the help of this round of financing, QingCloud’s Southern China Data Center will launch on March followed by the launch of Data Centers in Eastern China, Western China, Asia-Pacific and North America. With above milestones, QingCloud will position itself as a truly global cloud computing platform. At the same time, we will beef up our core team to continue to innovate on technology, improve on user experience and provide high quality, efficient, and reliable services to our customers.”

    Lightspeed China Partners’ Managing Director and Co-founder, Ron Cao, commented, “We are impressed by what Richard and his team have accomplished in a short period of time. Their focus on building world-class technology and providing superior services to their customers will allow them to continue to make an impact in the emerging cloud computing industry. We are very excited to be part of this journey.”

    Partner of Matrix Partners China, Michael Zuo, commented, ”With QingCloud’s excellent team, trusted products and services, Matrix is confident about the future of the company. We believe QingCloud occupies an important part of China’s cloud computing ecosystem, and we are committed to conduct more active and systematic investments in this ecosystem going forward.”

    About QingCloud

    Founded on April, 2012, QingCloud is the world’s only IaaS provider that can respond in second and adopt first-ever second-based billing system. It started open beta on March, 2013 and officially launched the service on July, 2013. QingCloud is committed to provide a reliable, secure and on-demand real-time IT resource platform with excellent performance. QingCloud already served over 5000 enterprise customers, covering industries from mobile Internet, software development, gaming, bigdata, manufacturing, IoT (Internet of Things), government, finance, and education etc. For more information, please visit www.qingcloud.com.

    About Lightspeed China Partners

    Lightspeed China Partners (LCP) is a leading Chinese venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments in Internet, mobile, services and enterprise solutions companies. With strong background in company operations and entrepreneurship, the partners of LCP are committed to help a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs become industry leaders, build world-class companies and create social impact. LCP offers international value-added capabilities through its relationship with Lightspeed Venture Partners (LSVP). LSVP is a global venture capital firm managing over $2 billion of committed capital with investment professionals and advisors located in Silicon Valley, India and Israel. Over the past two decades, the partners of LCP and LSVP have backed more than 200 companies globally, many of which have become leaders in their respective markets. For more information about LCP, please visit http://www.lightspeedcp.com.

    About Matrix Partners China

    Matrix Partners began in Boston in 1977, a firm with an exceptionally strong track record of success and long history in the industry. Matrix Partners China was established in 2008. Led by General Partners Bo Shao, David Su and David Zhang, Matrix Partners China invests in a variety of sectors including mobile internet, internet, enterprise services, healthcare, clean tech, energy in China. Matrix Partners China has invested more than 100 company, including 21Vianet Group(Nasdaq:VNET), Bona Film Group(Nasdaq:BONA), Edan Instruments(300206.SZ), Anjuke, Babytree, Lietou.com, Momo, Umeng, EGLS, Liebo, AEGIS etc. More information,please visit:http://www.matrixpartners.com.cn

    About BlueRun Ventures

    BlueRun Ventures (BRV®) is an early stage venture firm focused on mobile opportunities in key global markets. Since inception, BlueRun has focused on working with mobile startups to shape the ever-evolving ecosystem. We choose key geographic markets where mobile is a driving force in the way consumers and businesses interact with each other. Today, we have offices in Menlo Park, Beijing, Shanghai, and Seoul.


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